garage door seals

Garage door seals , also known as garage door weatherstripping or bottom seals, are essential components used in garage doors to create a secure and weatherproof barrier between the interior of the garage and the outdoor environment. These seals are designed to prevent the infiltration of external elements such as rain, snow, dust, debris, pests, and drafts. Garage door seals also help maintain temperature control within the garage, improve energy efficiency, and reduce noise from outside. Here are some key aspects and common types of garage door seals: **1. Types of Garage Door Seals:** - **Bottom Seals:** These seals are installed along the bottom edge of the garage door to seal the gap between the door and the garage floor. They are typically made of rubber or vinyl and may have various shapes, including T-shaped, bulb-shaped, and more. - **Side Seals:** Side seals are used to seal the gaps between the sides of the garage door and the door frame. They help prevent draft

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